Dark green cucumbers
(Cucumis Sativus)


This green, crispy vegetable is very popular and is more or less used on a daily basis in the Finnish diet.

The “Cucumis Sativus” has most likely originated from Afrika, from where it has spread to Asia and further. The Cucumis Sativus is still found in its original form in the north of India on the southern parts of the Himalayas. These cucumbers have a bitter taste, which does not suit the Finnish taste. The Cucumber has a history of over 3000 years in India, from where it spread to the western parts of Asia and Egypt.

Jan-Erik Sigg Ab grows this strong and tasty dark green cucumber in his facilities. In the greenhouse facilities you can find thousands of plants, suitable for the Finnish greenhouse growing requirements and restraints.

The cucumbers are packed in plastic foil as soon as they are harvested, the plastic foil protects the vegetable from dehydration and keeps the product fresh until it reaches its end destination, the consumer.


dscf1106All year cultivation

The brand of SiggPac offers cucumbers to wholesalers all year round. This is a possibility due to their modern fully automated facilities.

SiggPac prides themselves in being able to offer a balanced stream of products to their customers.

“Our goal is that todays harvest will be in your nearest market tomorrow”

dscf1134.Siggpac offers cucumbers directly to wholesalers, due to our sorting process we can guarantee that only quality products are distributed

dscf1128Our hand picked, newly harvested cucumbers has a certain taste and savour, which we try to preserve by packaging and by getting the product to the consumer as soon as possible.

We recommend consumers of our cucumbers to keep the product in plastic foil as long as possible in order to maintain natural taste. Storing the cucumber in a refrigerator might harm the cucumber, as it might get frostbites.